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  1. Sup Ravey. Whats cracking? Did I miss a lot or is it the same as always?
  2. -blows raspberry- Sup? Always glad to makee you laugh! How's life? Mine is peachy.
  3. Heya rvaey. *looks at comments* Oookay. LOL. I can always count on you to give me a little laugh. Whats up
  4. Hey, what's up? Just saying hi ... talk to me whenever you can. ^_^
  5. BTW can I get some scans of the manga? I wanna see o.o
  6. Ahahaha! I ain't going anywhere
  7. Oh yeah, Neko Club

    DAMN 50 CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  8. Yeah I wanted tot ake your V-CARD!
    It would have been fun!

    *chases ravey for virginity*
  9. Ahahaha! YOu got yours taken before me [T_T?]
    And thanks, you wanted to take my V-card ... -hides- O_o

    What's the name of your manga?
  10. hello Ravey!
    What's good? What's really good.

    DAMN MR.K! I wanted to take RAVEY'S V-CARD! TT_TT;
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