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  1. have fun doing whatever it is you do.
    Ill be here....pretending I know how to plan a wedding
  2. Punjabi is a language, spoken in Punjab.
    But it's fair enough for you to think that.

    Who hates me?
  3. They hate you too.
    I dont know what Im doing. She gave me this music list that has like punjabi in every song. WTF?
    Is that a food
  4. BRB in 10-15 mins.
  5. No, I'm not. I hate weddings.
  6. you are not helpful at all........I bet you are laughing at everything I am telling you......
  7. And you're a looserette.
  8. now, I have to listen to this song where I do NOT know the words and its really frustrating because I do Not know what the hell I am doing. Now, you are SOOOO not helpful!!!!
    GOD, why do I talk to you.... ><.
    You are such a loser
  9. Taco? That's a new one.
  10. oh, Im sorry you didnt get a response. If you were ONLINE you would have gotten my response. By you being offline, i cant send messages sometimes because it will say "reciever is offline".
    And thanks for the complement. I already tried on of them things on and I do think it makes me look like a taco.
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