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  1. I'm not dating her. Geez! So freaking troublesome.
    And I don't want to.
  2. Call me Rave you baka!

    And she just gets emotional, don't worry. She's a good girl.
  3. Ohhhh thanks ^_^ Got scared.
  4. LOL. I just woke up and saw I forgot to close out of messenger. I saw your messages and NO I am NOT mad at you rave_grip. I just woke up. It's like 10:00AM here. You practically IMed me at 7:00AM my time. You think I will be up that early on a sunday? LOL.
    *Hugs* don't be upset, i am sooo far from being angry at you
  5. Okay, but will you provide me with a reasonable excuse?

    p.s I hope your voice is back.
  6. I know ^_^
  7. Obama Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I see. I thought you were getting all emo and overly dramatic again.
  9. Whoa, relax there lady. I didn't know you had a power shortage!
    I thought you was busy with stuff so I didn't wanna bother you.
  10. arg!!!! I just Pmd you telling you my power went out! Goddamn you are so ****n emo! I cant help it if my damn fuse blew and left me out of power for three hours. Damn. If you wanna leave me alone, fine.

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