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  1. Thanks, I won't bother you ... ^_^
  2. W..Whataat? Only 200 artists and 50 writers? And a german publisher? How could they be su cruel ...

    Seriously, that's a lot :O
  3. LOL. I left the Tokyopop deal and went with another publisher that was willing to help me redo my whole plot line because of my exBFF. It's not as big as Tokyopop but its published a decent amount of Manga. Its not an American publishing company buts its German. I believe the name is Egmont something. Anyhoo, the trail just ended and because of the recession, I am down to only 200 artists and 50 writers. I am getting another co-author but then there would be les money for me.
  4. Stalking? What ever are you talking about? Lol

    How's the manga? I'm curious
  5. RAVEY!!!!!!
    What is going on with you lurking around and stalking all the the newbies?
  6. CHANELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're back! Finally! How are you? Are you getting enough rest? Is being a manga-ka a hectic job? How's everything going >_<
    Come back often yeah? Oh and I graduated from school. No school ever ME so sad T_T
  8. Kekekeke, alright beautiful ^_^
    Glad everything's going your way, so e-mail me some scans man! I'm curious!
    Watching the Olympics? Man, that Phelps guy, he's insane!
  9. Me neither. AO has too many newbes and no one comes here anymore. I am sort-of on MSN though.

    My manga is doing well. I won my counter suit. I just made a new character in place of the old one. Everything is going in my favor now.
  10. Well hello there my sweet manga princess! How are you and how is it coming along?

    I come here but don't post on the forums, you know; drama between members and mods giving a headache at times. Meh, come on MSN often though~
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