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  1. Pretty good, you?

    Can't wait till the New Year! I got plans for this one haha
  2. hey violent. Havent chatted with you in a minute. How's it going?
  3. Lots of parties lately since Thanksgiving is coming around, my mind has been dazed for a while..! WHoooo weee
  4. btw- I am so damn bored. Whats been up with you lately? Skool and work going well?
  5. man my throat hurts like a beyotch. I can hardly swallow shit. I feel like cap too. And its ****ing snowing.
  6. Nothing much, man I've been swamped with shit lately... first day of relaxin!
  7. VIOLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What's good man

    Shake it like a salt shaker
  8. Its too hot huh? You sure about that? I hardly felt anything. What a rip off
  9. I can't be on to solicit my Anaconda Plan always! Its too hot!
  10. Violent!!!!! Get on the computer now!!!! I am SOO bored. I want more of that Anaconda plan
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