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  1. Slept till 3 PM and I've been doing homework since, sucky day!

  2. Whats cracking there violent? Having a good day here buddie? My dayt went swell!!!! ^_^ LOL
  3. I'm on I'm on...!!!!

    By the way girls have a penis, boys have a vagina!
  4. violent, get your asain ass online nigga!

    Damn 50 characters
  5. What it do Violent? How's the day going babe?

    You can have whatever you like
  6. Hahaha yea I beat it like a cop ;P

    Work dat pole and work it well stacks on deck, yo ankles swell gurl let me touch ya I will neva tell!
  7. naw boo, your glaze will eb the frosting on my "creme pie". LOL. Let me stop.

    Close your mouth, don't say sh!t, let me put get you wit this d**k
  8. I hope the glaze isn't from me hahaha, and that sounds hardcore MMMmmMMmMMM!

    Toss it flip it and slap it bust a couple of nuts and get right back at it!
  9. Wel, get ready boo cuz when done, your face will be looking like a glazed krispy kreme doughnut.

    Girls call me jolly-ramcher, cuz I stay so hard you can suck me for a long time OH MY GOD!
  10. Then you know what needs to be done... * points at the anaconda plan * haha!?

    Workin dem micros on da stilettos you made it skeet skeet skeet like a water hoez!
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