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  1. Oh my god, you making me laugh hard as hell now. Sh!t, you have to make me some omlets boo. I want me some suasage patties and grits on da side.

    Ms. Guble gum, Im mr. chico stick, I wanna dun-dun-dun, cuz you thick.
  2. Omelets and all baby!!! CHEA!?

    Just keep dat a$$ shakin and I keep tippin you while I sit back like a playa and sip dat grey goose..!
  3. You flip them pancakes and add cheese to dem eggs too?

    I rock, I roll, its the summer time but your laffy taffy got me froze
  4. You know what I am...!? I cook bacon while makin love, that's part of the anaconda plan too fyi

    Gurl dis ain't no dance flo dis a candy sto and I'm really geeked up!
  5. ooooh, think your sex is that tight, huh? For reals? Is that how we cook our bacon today?

    Girl shake your laffy taffy
  6. You know what my nickname is right? The Anaconda Plan, yea I beat it like a cop hahaha.

    She pulled me over... pulled me out the rover then she pulled me closer... do me in the back of the car put me in handcuffs start ripping my pants off!
  7. hope you know how to work it. Length means nothing without with babe.

    She say wee oohh wee ohh wee ohh we, like a cop car
  8. Pinky? Hahaha nice joke but if your pinky is in the range of 6-7 inches then sure hell is!

    1.59 and it comes with 2 fortune cookies!?

    She said I had the right to remain silent now I got her hollering sounding like a siren!
  9. ooohhh you the biggest huh? For real? I thought ya'll was the size of my pinky?

    I.59?!!! Does that come with a damn fortune cookie?!

    Baby you can lock me up and throw away the key
  10. Little!? I'm the " biggest " Asian on the block!? And my chicken is 1.59 plus tip!!!

    I said lady what's ya number she said 911 haaa... emergency only!
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