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  1. Clans? probably not for a long time. they have a history of going and coming back...

    the social groups seem to be nice though, but it's more chatting for specific people.
  2. Why do you think a lot of them left? Too bad I wasn't around back then. I hung around for a bit, then left.

    Do you think we'll be having clans again?
  3. we used to have a chat type forum where those kind of things were acceptable, but that was a long time ago.

    ^_^ mostly becuz all of the other threads were not being posted on, espcially on the debate and discuss!

    ^_^ those were good times, a lot of people made a lot of friends that way... oh well!
  4. Hehehehehe. This is fun. Say, do you think they'll let us play "word-association" games here? I mean you start with a word, then I follow up with the first word that comes to mind that's clearly related in some way... That kinda thing?
  5. or big Amazon cats!

    oh! switched it up! crazy!!!
  6. Well, there comes a point in debating where you can't help but not agree with what was said, but not because you don't want to agree. Once you start opposing what they assert - especially if the majority happens to hold the very opinion you intend to oppose - things tend to go nasty. Good thing we have mods.

    Jaguar? If that's so, that'd be brave of me... or reckless. Or both. Or perhaps I just happen to have good taste when it comes to luxury cars.
  7. yeah, people tend to get touchy once you start going for any vital organ... if not, they just might be a dense!

    you know, if you changed "jugular" to "jaguar" it'd be a very different sentence!
  8. Oh, reading books and checking out the debate section. The people there get kinda touchy once you start going for the jugular.
  9. busy? ah, the normal stuff like school and work. but my Darling is never too far away, so it's all alright!

    but i had some Doritos and a coke a little while ago, so i'm doing pretty good.

    how about you?
  10. Oh, I see. So anyways, what keeps you busy these days?
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