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  1. U asked about my contry.. let me see.. its kinda coldish today, not as cold as its gonna be real soon. we have all the seasons here.. yup, snow too (stupid snow, it takes hours to clean the backyard from it). Besides that, we have.. what do we have? Loud ppl, lots of food, here where i live there are no mountains, just one big plain.. basically u can see the next town if u get high enough.. yee (6.^)
    Other that that, night life is great, rock is all the way.. (well except those dumt "turbo folk" songs.. yup, they sound as dumb as their name is).. if ya wanna i can point ya to some of them and u can be the judge.. (=.=).
    What else.. yeah.. we got this crazy way of expressing our emotions.. we scream if we'r angry, we cry, we fight on the streets.. other ppl say serbs are nuts.. yup, we look that way.. (where r u from?)
    So.. write to me..
  2. So you're Serbian? Cool! Tell me, what's it like over there where you're from?
  3. We seam to be slipping ach other.. so, anyways.. leave me msg, and I'll answer ya, ok? See ya...
  4. Don't worry, it's fine. So what would you like to talk about today?
  5. Hey.. just wanted to say HELLO..
    Don't be afraid... i just stopped for a while..
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