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  1. The sale was 75% off. Got a bunch of Halloween stuff like ceramic pumpkins, place mats that used to be $8 for $2. Got some candy bargains. My nephew Jordan likes the candy shaped liked bugs and dismembered body parts. (EEEWW) He just keeps singing loudly in the store so he's not hard to find. Everybody keeps staring at him and laughs since he wanders around barefoot. He lost his happy meal toy twice. Weird kid.

    How are things with you Psyche? Jefferson and JFK cool. Some people recognized my costume.. some were ambivalent. Next year I'll be a rocker. I bought a purple wig, a toy guitar, stockings and outfit. Sis likes Jem and the Hologram so I bought pink star earrings.

    Do you come from a big family? I got two brothers and two sisters. Am the middle child. Parents are in the Philippines where's there cheaper health care.

    I like Jefferson's letter about whether he should follow his heart or his mind. There's all this controversy about him keeping a slave. JFK is handsome, I believe Marylin Monroe was murdered to shut her up and I saw JFK assassination film traumatizing. I like Martin Luther Kings style... I'm sad that gay marriages are banned in California. I'm glad Obama is going to be president. I don't mind that he's not going to swear on the Bible because the bible makes no sense.

    I became enchanted with the Dalai Llama... but so far just stick to business as usual. Happy Holidays. Cheers!
  2. Sure dex. I'm more of a conservative Democrat, or a classical liberal, in the Jefferson and JFK vein. Sounds like an oxymoron now, but there used to be more of us back then.

    A female Indiana Jones? That's new. How was the sale?
  3. You can call me dex if I can call you psyche.
    Go democrats! Thanks for dropping by!
    How's your day going? I ate some noodle soup. Had a great Halloween as a female Indiana Jones and trick or treated at the mall. Like the after Halloween sale. Cute avatar!
  4. Thought I'd drop by to visit, so here I am. I find it somewhat tricky to type out your username... mind if I call you "dex"?
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