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  1. Well, trying to get an RPG going loosely based off of the Mechwarrior game. Should have the puter fully cleaned in a few days to a week. What's new with you?
  2. Ewww... Reminds me of chem lab. Anyways, what's new? It sure has been a while.
  3. ammonia, bleach, fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.
  4. Chemicals? Lemme guess... Paint? Rubber cement? Liquid fertilizer? Ammonia?
  5. poorly. I worked all night stocking juice then had to go over and stock chemicals. still can't get the smell of some of that stuff out of my nose.
  6. Not too good. I have a mild hangover from drinking last night; maybe I took the stronger beer by mistake. And you?
  7. he's gone November 8th so it's really not oo big a deal. Anyway, how have you been?
  8. I suppose it's time to play "Big Brother" in the Orwellian sense, then. You could set up a keylogger and he'd be none the wiser. Then you'll know.
  9. He tends to erase it when he remembers. My youngest brother knows which sites they are, but the puter is my other brother's and that's the excuse he uses when told notto go to certain sites.
  10. You could try checking your browsing history... Unless he's so clever he remembers to erase it each time he's done.
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