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  1. we only have Spyware right now. will be getting something better AFTER he leaves. And it's mostly some of the sections of Deviant Art and a forum he always goes to. We know it's not any of the sites we go to, since it doesn't happen when we are the only ones on.
  2. Those that come with popups, malware, and all? Hmmm... That IS a problem. Which antivirus program do you have running in the background?
  3. He keeps going to sites that we know have all kinds of bugs...............
  4. Does the younger bro have anything to do with it being on the fritz? Hehehehe.
  5. Hey long time no see. Haven't bee on all that much due to the puter being on the fritz just about every day. When my younger brother leaves for Oklahoma, we'll reset the stupid thing. That should take care of the problems.
  6. Yeah, A friend of mine put up an idea on RPG ideas (Changeling if you're interested) and no one has glommed on it like they normally do
  7. Hey, it's been awhile... It's gotten awfully quiet here these days, dontcha think?
  8. Yeah. I know what you mean. I think it's hilarious. He does have some interesting ideas too.
  9. To be honest, I think it's quite fun too, basilisk888's religion thread. And then some.
  10. Actuall, I'm doing a little of both. A friend of mine makes jewelry and she's going to show me how once we get some more really cool stuff.
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