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  1. poorly. I worked all night stocking juice then had to go over and stock chemicals. still can't get the smell of some of that stuff out of my nose.
  2. he's gone November 8th so it's really not oo big a deal. Anyway, how have you been?
  3. He tends to erase it when he remembers. My youngest brother knows which sites they are, but the puter is my other brother's and that's the excuse he uses when told notto go to certain sites.
  4. we only have Spyware right now. will be getting something better AFTER he leaves. And it's mostly some of the sections of Deviant Art and a forum he always goes to. We know it's not any of the sites we go to, since it doesn't happen when we are the only ones on.
  5. He keeps going to sites that we know have all kinds of bugs...............
  6. Hey long time no see. Haven't bee on all that much due to the puter being on the fritz just about every day. When my younger brother leaves for Oklahoma, we'll reset the stupid thing. That should take care of the problems.
  7. In the divine lineage thread you asked if I believed the claims in the documentary. I sort of answered you in the thread... but it was in a congested post. So I thought I'd spare you the hassel and give you the condensed version. I honestly dont know what to believe. Seeing as how I have yet to see proof that would sway me in either direction. So I guess I'm nuetral? I'm sorta wanting more information. As to why I made the thread... It was to get people to think about how christianity would change if it were true. I never intended to debate as If I am a believer. I've been trying to clarify, that I see no proof on either side. Someone else keeps saying its a PROVEN hoax, but hasn't sufficiently shown said proof (in my opinon). That is essentially why this debate seems to continue.
  8. U asked about my contry.. let me see.. its kinda coldish today, not as cold as its gonna be real soon. we have all the seasons here.. yup, snow too (stupid snow, it takes hours to clean the backyard from it). Besides that, we have.. what do we have? Loud ppl, lots of food, here where i live there are no mountains, just one big plain.. basically u can see the next town if u get high enough.. yee (6.^)
    Other that that, night life is great, rock is all the way.. (well except those dumt "turbo folk" songs.. yup, they sound as dumb as their name is).. if ya wanna i can point ya to some of them and u can be the judge.. (=.=).
    What else.. yeah.. we got this crazy way of expressing our emotions.. we scream if we'r angry, we cry, we fight on the streets.. other ppl say serbs are nuts.. yup, we look that way.. (where r u from?)
    So.. write to me..
  9. Basicly the same with me, I'm just waiting for a good topic I can post on. And I'm making diffrent signatures and wallpapers on GIMP. ^^
  10. lol oh, okay! Hi!! So, uh.....what's up??? ^^ (I hate the 50 character rule...-.-)
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