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  1. I mean really... Someone ought to do something about him. He's junk posting all over the place.

    Hey... I know! You're a friend of Trunks's, right? Why not go tell him about our new "friend"?
  2. Kewl! Let's just hope the mods don't find out about this (Well, I think Sazuka knows).

    Really, tentacle king's not helping the discussion at all. I say we ignore him completely and report him whenever he goes trollin' about.
  3. also done ... only evil members can do it ,it's a secret ,Mwahahahahaha ...
    J/K!! lol ,put a lot of spaces before the last word or smiley and it'll be posted as normal right away
  4. Oh, and check out the thread again... This tentacle king's trolling again. Your turn to report, if you want...
  5. Thanks buddy. (Say, how do you get to type fewer than 50 characters? I'm stumped. And I thought only mods can do that.) I'm somewhat spent after reading pages of documents... But just to let you know, would it be fine if I asked you questions regarding what you said?
  6. done ...
  7. Don't mind the trolls. Though it would be satisfying to rat on them to the mods, though. I just did.
  8. I'll see what i can ,though only the small fries are collapsing there now ... (newbies who don't understand anything i mean) ...
  9. Hey buddy, how ya been? it's time for you to step up to bat over at our "religion" thread.
  10. Yeah but we can still access them .. till now that is.
    and added you
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