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  1. eeekk.. long reply again ^^;; still have 3 weeks left! and only 2 exams so plenty of free time now WOOT
    So your on holiday now?
  2. Oooh, good luck hon! I wish you all the luck in the world! D: *huggles tight*
    I hope you do well on your exams, but wooof, when does uni finish for you?
  3. yeah, it's so painful waiting for results to come out, especially when you don't know how you went >___< I hate waiting..wish teachers would just give you the results as soon as they get it xD

    I'm still in mid semester...3 reports and 2 exams to go x_X
  4. It is at first, but then you just get the hang of things as you learn ^^
    Thanks! Yea, thank goodness it's passing ;^; I was so doubtful about that.
  5. WOOT

    congrats ^^ Well a C is still a pass! At least you won't have to come back and do it again xD gee.. graphic engineering sounds complicated o_O
  6. I've been good as well, just got some great results from my college classes which I was certain I wasn't going to pass one, I barely passed my graphic engineering class with a C x___x
  7. bah! so slow in replying T__T


    but I've been good sorta...well as good as one can be with a pile of assignments LOL how about you?
  8. Gwennie! *huggles tight*
    How have you been deary? ^^
  9. yeah T___T got up this morning and saw that it changed...why oh why? LOL

    oh well..we can still hope I guess xD
  10. .... It's not real though ;^; Read it again xP Those buttmunchers! There goes my hope.
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