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  1. Just heard that there is going to be some special episodes of soul eater <3 {link}
  2. Lawl! Omg yes! *glomps* But yea, I've been skipping out on some of my assignments, but I can catch up just fine, don't want you getting into trouble there deary! But yes! Much Soul Eater we shall post! Btw, I made some Kid fan art with an oc of mine, I should post it up soon, they're so cute! xD
  3. I was teary too ;^; omg maka rocks..was just awesome!!


    man how bad am I? supposed to be doing assignments instead I'm on photoshop xD
  4. Oh my gosh! I am truly happy right now with the ending Gwennie! I almost cried so bad ;^; DKJALFJDKJFA~! I seriously hope there will be second season! I mean they left so much unanswered like you said! Omg, Maka is ... a bad ass mo fo <333333 YES YES YES! WE SHALL FLOOD THE GALLERY WIF SOUL EATER <333
  5. .......just watched the last ep. but won't say anything more incase you haven't xD

    and yeeess our craze..which we is now successfully going LOL LOL They could do so much more!!! they haven't even got the whole 99 souls and one witch yet!! among so many other things!!!
  6. Yup! I will be on a crazy craze myself! I'll join you! <333 It shall be called "Pyro and Gwen's Soul Eater craze" We will make them remember the awesomeness it brought! Yes, I hope they don't ruin it as well, but you know ... you just feel like it's not finished yet D: Like they could do so much more ... and it will still be epic, no matter what xD I can relate on "killing it with a second season" I'm still pissed that they're making FMA 2 xD;;; You know when something should end and when something isn't quite done, ya know?
  7. omg just watched 50 O_O

    omg DtK awesomness-power-stuff . Only one more to go pryo ;^; I think when it's over I'll be on a Soul Eater gfx craze..I'm just so into it! xD

    A second season would be awesome hey? but so long as it doesn't drag on and ruin it like other anime sometimes go D:
  8. Yea, I don't want it to end either! ;^; Well ... I'm going to pray for a second season D< There are a lot of unanswered things on the whole anime. Hopefully, they do ;^; Yes, thank goodness for the manga xD
  9. only 2 to go I think ;^;

    only just watched 49 omg...! I want to find out what happens..but at the same time I don't want it to end lol. Well at least there still is the manga xD
  10. Gah! Gwennie! How many episodes left? D: I don't keep count ;^; ...
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