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  1. Just watched it....


    waiting for this next episode is going to be even more painful than waiting for the last one aaahhhhhh!!!!
  2. Lawlz awesome <333
    I hope you enjoy it as I did :3
  3. i'm downloading it now lmao

    I couldn't wait any longer..must...find...out...what..happens.. *twitch*

  4. Lawls, I couldn't wait myself, so bad of me, but eh xD It still got through, what I didn't like is that it cut off a bit on the subs so that ticked me off a bit D:
  5. lol yeah, but ppl were complaing about the poor quality...but if it doesn't come out this arvo..then I won't be able to wait much longer and I'll watch it anyway lol! xD
  6. It already came out though D: I found it somewhaare <3 It wasn't that good but it got me though the night xD
  7. me tooo T____T and it seem like forever to wait until the next episode ;; well a good sub anyway lol
  8. I KNOW! I am currently at the latest episode and let me tell you it had me at tears ;;
  9. Omg! I just realised we both currently have Soul Eater for our siggies and avi's <3 god, I'm so obsessed with that show lol
  10. Thank you pryo *hugs*

    I think I had to much cake :P lol
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