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  1. Happy birthday Gwennie! Eat lots of cake and get good presents this year <3
  2. Merry Christmas Pyro!!

    have a good day?
  3. Merry Christmas, Gwennie bear! ilu :3
    Have a nice one today!
  4. Not a problem, Gwennie, anytime really ^^ Glad I could help!
  5. thanks for the tips ^^ I used it for my fly away sig
  6. Hmm, all I can tell you is, try using gradients, depends on your work too, like with dark signatures, I place solid text that stands out, but again it depends on the colours of your signature, and NEVER PLACE TEXT IN THE MIDDLE! I guess it's my thing, but that's just me.......if you have msn, maybe I can give you a bit more of help.
  7. Aww that sounds awesome! I don't know what I'll be doing yet, maybe getting some scary movies, games out and watch and play them all night ^^

    I read you comment on your sig as well! I have photoshop, I've always wonder how you get your text so well on the text so it doesn't look out of place!
  8. Well, I was going to take my baby cousin trick or treating, and my aunt is throwing a halloween party! So it will be fun, how about you Gwennie? ^^
  9. PRYO!!!! hi hi! ^___^ I'm good, A little stressed from Uni but still good ^^ how are you? Doing anything for Halloween?
  10. *huggles tight* Hi Gwennie bear hugz! How are you? =D
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