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  1. oh no, Goofy is awesome~ just a shock, ya know?
  2. Awww, Abu, you liked the shark better? D:
    I thought "OMG" Goofy was awesome xD
  3. aw! no more shark!
  4. Thank you very much, dear! Glad to hear you love it ^^
  5. zomg! love the sig muchly, Pyro!

    the orange lines make me think of happy times! yay~!!
  6. Yup, it sure is! So very sorry I confused you there bud. ;;
  7. wait... stock is the picture... right?

    ^_^" been a while since i've heard gfx lingo...
  8. Thank you very much! I'm digging it too, especially the mood I was in. So thank you for noticing! That's my favorite stock too x3
  9. you're new sig is like one of the cutest things i've seen all week!
    totally lovin' the background!
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