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  1. ..... C.C? O.o;;; It's good <3 Ha ha. Too bad I don't like her D:
  2. Hey Pyro!! Did ya see my new siggy?? Huh?? Did ya?? ^_^ I really like it!!!
  3. *blush* Not really. I'm just super glad I met some wonderful ppl on here. I really am. Things would be different if I hadn't met them.....
  4. Thank you very much! Daww how sweet of you <33 You're a very kind person Renn =]
  5. lolz Of course. I'm glad to have met you!! You're really cool Pyro!! XD
  6. Oh yea xD Thank you for the mention there hon ^^ It was kind of you <3
  7. I see you're already viewing my journal!!! XD You're in it!!! ~wheeee~
  8. Oh that sounds really awesome, I wish you luck then deary!
  9. lolz I am going to try to do a solo for tri-state (which is a contest.) I'm so nervous.....
  10. I like singing too, just not one of my strong points, I sing ok. I suppose xD;; Not the best but eh, made it to honours choir like that.
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