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  1. XD I knew weird. I was easy to spell but I missed other words too T^T

    Really thats cool. The only thing I do thats like that is vocals (which is singing) ^__^
  2. Lawls, oh that's so good! Glad I could help in someway!
    I'm sure your brother was good at his practice, my sister had a parade to attend to the Saturday that passed, it was for the Rodeo that barely happened today.
  3. *huggles* Hiya Pyro!!! (weird thing today. I had to spell pyrotechnic and I thought of you!!!! XD)

    Sorry I had to leave yesterday!!! *bows* My bro took me to his practice!!! ^__^
  4. I'm really tired actually ... didn't get that much rest last night, ugh.
  5. I'm good. How are you?? ^__^
  6. Hello thar, hon!
    How are you today on this fine evening?
  7. Hey Pyro!!!! XD
  8. lolz XD Oh!!! Some of my friends actually can speak gibberish or something like that. I'ms erious, its all gibber and they uderstand each other!!
  9. Yargieshmargies: IHASNOIDEA

    Shamwow: x

    That's it from me xD Heh heh.
  10. lolz What do they all mean? I actually goggle them and got like two results!!! XD
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