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  1. Yeah I heard about the anime!! I'm sure its scarier if its animated than if its still, but they both scary no matter what!! *shudder* I remember in the manga Rena standing right behind Keiichi, with her creepy eye!!!!! I nearly screamed!!
  2. Oh heck yes! I even covered my eyes on the anime ^^;; It was creepy.
  3. Its so good!!!! I love the manga!! as wekk as the other mangas I read in that magazine!!! My other favorite is Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY!! AHHHH!!!!! IT so scary!! I never read a scary manga before!!
  4. I haven't read it yet! Might have to though, I've read some of it but not a lot of it ^^
  5. Ohhh!!! I didn't know there was an anime!!! I guess that means I'll have to watch!! I like the manja though. Now that I think about it, I still have to get my magazine (which I read all my manga) and see what happens!!!!
  6. My gosh yes it is! I, myself, am in love with the anime! Right now I'm on episode 31 of the anime! Too bad they will stop showing it subbed. Rats.
  7. Pyro-san is that Soul Eater as your avi and sig!!!! Sorry, I just started to read the manga and I really like it. Its one of my faves!!! ^__^
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