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  1. i've managed to get it working again, so you might just see some eye candy might take awhile to get into da funk again though ;P
  2. YES! SAS ISH BACK! Back again <3333 Hopefully you can get your photoshop set up and show us some more of your nomness <333
  3. Yay! Come back soon! I really miss you Sassy ;^;
    Always your favorite <3
  4. i can always trust my favorite fangirls to miss me when im gone too long.
    thanks a lot and i am planning on coming back.
  5. Nooooooooo, Sassy! I missh you ;^; ;djlfkajldkfj COME BACK D:
  6. Don't worry :3
    I will lover ;D You have a great new year too! Get drunk! For me ;;
  7. *snatches from truncks* hope you had a great christmas too
    have a great new year too love.
  8. Merry Christmas, sexy Sas! Hope you got what you wanted this year
  9. Ha ha, nice avatar <3 It fits you swell, Sassy! ;D
  10. I'm sorry about the hockey team loss, maybe next time? I had a bad day myself xD mrah, oh well ;^; *hugs*
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