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  1. helllooo,
    It's just another boring day. My sister's birthday(:P see boring..), and my hockey team lost(again..). Other than that, everything else just seems right ^_^.
  2. Hi there Sassy! How are we today? :3 *huggles tight*
  3. parachute pants or not, i think the sideways fish shuffle dance is making its come back!
    during my little hiatus i've been perfecting that move, so look out shabby dance floors sasu's here to bring the fire back into go to the fire escapes this move is back!.

    All in all, its been refreshing and a lot of fun. ^_^
  4. *bites J00 hard* xP Hello Sas! How have you been on your hiatus? =o
  5. How have you been Sas? Long time no talk, eh? xD
    Well take care =]
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