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  1. Yea, the years just fly when it all comes down to it ^^ Until next year <3
  2. Late by a couple days but who cares, thanks anyways.

    ....but wow, 3 years, even I'm surprised that I've been here that long. ^^;
  3. Happy 3 years at AO ... makes me look like I'm getting older as well, *sigh*. Ah well, have a good one, unless I'm late D: If I'm late ... happy belated anniversary xD
  4. Thanks for the kind compliments and luck, dear.
    Hopefully, everything else goes good for you too!

    Luck for the both of us then!
  5. Oooh, sux about what happened with all your stuff...hope that things work out for you too. Hopefully one of us will get lucky right? LOLS

    ~Good luck
  6. Ha, you're kidding me?
    That doesn't pay for the things I want, including a new psp and PS3.
    I have a shot for an interview for verizon wireless so that's a sure fire job I'm going to have since I do have special references. Hopefully everything goes swell for you, sounds tough though, but at least you have money in the bank. Everything I had went kaput into that effin hurricane Ike bull. Can you believe it? ;^;
  7. ....ahaha, I wish I could say "good" but not really. My car just "happened" to break down on me today, AGAIN. As usual it happened when I started to have extra $$$ in my account building up...there goes my imported games, manga, and a shot at buying a PSP and/or a new PC. T^T

    But hey, that aside I can say its all good. 'bout you Pyro? Seems like you're doing ok for yourself with all those kick ass sigs. I just LOVE your new Yoko avy and sigs. A hats off to ya.

  8. Yo, Shinku, how haaaave you been, dear? Hopefully, going better for you than me.
  9. Do u has moar Mao piktures!!?!!!111ELEVENTYTHOUSAN
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