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  1. not as much as you think most people know the new I only afew on this site like me new it when it was only anime I mean old school stuff like godess canadate and moble suit gundam stuff like that
  2. Realy? I thought alot of people would know about it
  3. oh so you do you do know what AS is not many new people do
  4. th..thanks and i think adult swim is ok but needs some new shows.
  5. hey do yuo suport adult swim if so there are ots of furms to post on
  6. well I hope the same and can only ofer you gaia request frum here
  7. T..Thank you im still new here and still exploring around I...I hope we can become good freinds.
  8. hello you most still be new here but not that new but very late welcome
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