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  1. that cool and well the main characters are the Lv 100s and the rest are 80 or higher on dissidia
  2. Look like in crisis core u n me r about the same lve n wow that good i only got a few ppl r lve 100 but i like using cloud the most for some reason
  3. in crisis core iam Lv 74 and in dissidia most of my characters are Lv 100
  4. Well so am i dude i preet y high wat ur lve in both of games dude
  5. cool and well i am pretty far in both games and i am pretty high in levels
  6. Wow i just like platying it now n i got both of them too for the psp yay
  7. cool well now i am playing dissidia ff and crisis core ffvii
  8. Idk dude they a ;lot of ff games out thier n dude i just got the new one for the psps yay it rocks
  9. same here and well some of the ones that came out like 10 years ago were goog as well un less u forgot them
  10. WEll dude i just have a ton so i really cant tell which is my fav i just them all well most of them lol
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