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  1. that kool so what is your favorite anime series and/or anime movie
  2. Well hard to say i mean the old were good before back then n they just made too many game n series i lost track of them so yeah i just want it to end already
  3. so um i just want to ask u if u like the pokemon game series if so what games do u have and what systems do u have
  4. SSSSWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT KKKKKKKKKIOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL aswso0me good for u n yeah i agreed the movie better be good
  5. cool and well i hope the movies are as good as the games also i might be getting my PS3 and i will get FFXIII and RE5
  6. That true man but hey i going after the one for the psp it looks nice n are they making a new movies as well
  7. well that ok <><><><><>
  8. Oh really wow ALright sweet then but i maybe wont get it because of the price u know but hey is their a new movie they working on for it as well
  9. no it will be for PS3 and Xbox 360 and FF14 will be for PS3 and the PC
  10. Sweet kol man but aint it for the x bow 360 only man am i right or wrong but i want to get the new one for the psp that lokk bad@s$
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