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  1. idk i can check but i have like 5 feunerals to go to so i dont know if ill be on
  2. k i'll check out the pic and i just want to know will u be on during the weekends and a happy halloween to u to
  3. hey your not on today yet well o k if you dont go one right now i ll be on from 1:30-3:00
    so um happy halloween i put a pic of me in my halloween costume up on moday
    next time ill be on is today then not until monday sorry
  4. do u have a yahoo address, if so what is it and i sent u a friend request on my space
  5. i know and if i try to over ride the fire wall i will get in to much trouble and i wouldnt be able to go one at all any where
  6. same here but i cant do it at home either unless i have homework on the computer
  7. k ill find you we can chat on there but i only go one every so often because the school wont let us but when i can i will find you
  8. can you give me ur myspace address and/or ur yahoo address
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