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  1. nothing because i dont have a class this period and being on the computer is all i have to do
  2. well thats gay so what are you supposed to be doing in class besides being on the computer
  3. im in no class this is all i do during 3rd and it gets kind of boring
  4. yo bro hows it going? what are you doing right know and what clas are you in??????????
  5. peace<><><><><><
  6. yea but i can wait till we are in 7th and tomorrow will be better see you in 7th peace
  7. k man see u later and is it about this site or what
  8. yo bro i guess this would bee the best time to actually chat with you so how have you been? hey help me out with somthing but ill talk to you about that in class later today. well peace
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