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  1. well that blows i thought u were going with ur uncle in florda..? changed your mind in the end didnt you.... oh well it cant be helped all ur friends are here and going some where were you dont know anyone really bits but kno you see why i wantd you to go with ur uncle... well bro if anything can you lift 50 pound onion sacks cuz if you can and can do that i might be able to get you in with me and andrew at the shed if you want to work there its up to you but i have to make sure i can hire another worker well bro i got to go ill see you around k take care and have a great weekend... lsterz...
  2. i will be working where ever i can get hired and that is not going so well because they keep turning me down and on top of that my money is being spent faster than it comes in because of food and rent
  3. what !! what!!! what!!! what!!!! why!!! i thought u were going with your uncle.... changed ur mind didnt you? its kool just dont mess up or u might regret it... oh well the best of luck to you bro im behind you every step of the way... so where are you working at?
  4. my planz dfor summer are to work my ass off so i can get some money so i can go to college
  5. hey you loing time no see... just thought id drop in and say hi? so how have you been bro? anything new with you? oh yea congrats on finally graduating so what are ur plans for the summer bro? well take care bro and see you around laterz
  6. koo koo well ill be there since you n my bro are together also angel so it will be worth going... so what have you been up to bro? anything new with you? well bro gtg i have some thing to take care of so laters bro
  7. k and i got my cap and gown yesterday and my last day of the school year is may 14th and graduation is on may 21st
  8. yoo glad th hear it bro and sorry on the late reply ive been out of town and i rarely get the chance to use a computer... so how have you been bro anything new with you? well i gtg bro but ill try to get back on later well till then bro take care larterz....
  9. k bro and well untill then laterz and well school has been fun the last few days and i have no idea why
  10. wow thats good news bro... so that means we have to kick it before you leave... ill talk to andrew and see what he wants to do... well bro i hope the best for you... have fun at school these last few days k well i gtg take care bro and ill see you around k laterz....
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