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  1. k and my uncle already paid for my schooling and so when i get to florida i will go straight to college and he also bought me a car so that is good and well the last time i will be in hatch is like may 21st or 22nd
  2. sweet.... well RE5 is sick dude trust me you will like it... if you wantthe game to be fun i recommend you find you a partner that will play with you but make sure they are good too other wise you will have a hard time trying to save them.... well i got to go i have something to do... its good to hear from you bro... take care k laterz...
  3. alright and well the game is so easy that i beat it and well i am thinking about getting RE5 and playing that
  4. koo koo im just gonna wait for the summer and buy them just ot many things came up and i had to spend all that money i saved for it... but oh well i got my car and thats what matters to me.... welll glad u beat me in getting it first congrats bro ^^ sorry bro i just got back today about a while ago and im dead tired so im gonna crash it was good seeing you again bro take care k laterz....
  5. alright bro and well Christian is buying my xbox for $165 and then i will buy a used PS3 and a copy of Final Fantasy XIII
  6. wow... talk about tention over a game... things have change... i didnt want to accpet that but... oh welll you tried bro thanks but he doesnt want anything from us then leave him i know thats really messed up but he is the one that wants it... man im tired well im gonna crash after this nite bro or should i be saying morning...hmmm.. oh well laterz bro take care k..
  7. you to and well the game is kind of different from any other pokemon game and well i am about half way done with it and well your primo is kindof jelous of me because i got it be fore him
  8. bro bro bro how goes it with you... hows school... a game you say.. say.. hmmm... well all in all the games are kool but not the card game as i said before long ago in the time of cards.. anyways its good hearing from you bro im tired today was a long day it was my moms birthday which reminds me Happy st. patties day bro... nite
  9. i will try and the only thing that is new with me is that i have the new pokemon heartgold version
  10. isee... hmm... well in anycase just keep trying bro please if you can... just keep showing him that he has friends even if he doesnt want them... so how have you been bro anything new with you bro.. as always bro take care k laterz...
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