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  1. thank you and i sent the PM already........................................... ...
  2. I wont my lips are sealed I wont say anything and that's a promise.
  3. ok i will send you a PM and PLEASE dont say anything about it
  4. Oh yeah I can keep secrets if you tell me not to say anything I wont that's how I am. I hope you two try to work things out.
  5. we are going to try but idk how its gonna end cause there is something that happened between us that no one knows about but a select few and if you can keep a secret i will tell you in PM
  6. Oh wow are you guys going to try and work thing out??????????????????
  7. true but her family wont allow us to be together till she turns 18 and graduates from high school but by then i may not be around cause what i am going to college for i will have to transfer to Dalles TX
  8. That's only 5 yrs apart that's really not to bad ......................
  9. She is 14 right now and i am 19 and when we dated i was 18 and she was 13
  10. Oh what would that be I really iffy on that thou depending on how old he or she is.
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