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  1. ya i want your number and if you get a text from 575-520-2722 thats me
  2. Yeah I know angel ^_^ he is a sweet guy. Do you want my number? 740-304-3642 that's my number. He already has my number so do you want it?
  3. i am better and you know my friend lessaangel right well he told me to ask for your #
  4. Aw Well I hope you get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
  5. stay home and play my 360 and be bored cause i am sick
  6. Oh cool sounds like fun! Anything planed for this weekend?
  7. on the 360 we played FFXIII left 4 dead and resident evil 5 and on the PS3 we played FFXIII and Resident evil 5
  8. Oh cool sounds like fun what game did you play??????
  9. i went to a friends house and played games on my Xbox 360 and his PS3
  10. Yey that's awesome! Oh that's cool my number one fave anime show of all time would be NARUTO! I love that show. So anything planed for this weekend?
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