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  1. u know freaks life is ard enoug without help but thanx but dnt bother
  2. isee... hmm... well in anycase just keep trying bro please if you can... just keep showing him that he has friends even if he doesnt want them... so how have you been bro anything new with you bro.. as always bro take care k laterz...
  3. Wow i just like platying it now n i got both of them too for the psp yay
  4. Idk dude they a ;lot of ff games out thier n dude i just got the new one for the psps yay it rocks
  5. well thats kool bor hope the best for you bro and ill always keep in touch with you thro here... well thanks for the info on my primo... i feel bad... he just wants to find a place where he belongs bro... he needs help as his friend and mine please help him bro... come on i know how he is but he has no other way to be he doesnt know how to show it bro... please bro as my friend and his help him out you and i both know who angel really is so please... id really appreciate this and thanks.... sorry bro im tired so im gonna crash so as always take care k laterz
  6. WEll dude i just have a ton so i really cant tell which is my fav i just them all well most of them lol
  7. well then put it this way over there you are given an opportunity to mke something out of yourself learn and meet new people... or stay here and try and make something out of urself.... you gain something from leaving here but you also lose one thing and thats friends but then again what am i saying you never lose friends not the real ones anyways well always keep in touch no matter how far we are... lol im preaching again ive been doing that lately... well bro id go just to give it a try who nows maybe thats where ur journey begans i guess im saying you never know whats going to happen bro if you dont give it a try yea its hard to leave all the ones you care about but they will understand and so will you... sorry for rambling here about this bro well glad the movie was worth it maybe ill go and see it... btw hows school going bro? and my primo hows he? well got to go take care bro laterz...
  8. Well hard to say i mean the old were good before back then n they just made too many game n series i lost track of them so yeah i just want it to end already
  9. SSSSWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT KKKKKKKKKIOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL aswso0me good for u n yeah i agreed the movie better be good
  10. yea i know skool is lme but at least ur on ur last year and it almost over so just hang in there bro its all good a few more months and then the last month is just chillen and saying ur last good byes to skool and everyone in it... you made it this far bro no need letting this bordum take control besides that there are a lot of things to do you just need to open up and see everything aroud you bro.. trust me.. well gtg and sorry for the late reply hope you have a great weekend laterz...
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Alone and wish i had someone to love :'( that likes the stuff i like
in the dark abyss of lonelyness
Yu-Gi-Oh, pokemon, all Final Fantasies and some other random stuff
Searching for love in a dark place
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Reboot, sailor moon, DBZ, bleach, naruto, and many more but top two are reboot and sailor moon


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