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  1. sweet glad to hear you liked it bro and if you do go next year hope to see you in the mosh pits bro.... cuz im going i missed out this year cuz of work but not again next year... so how have you been bro anything new with you... well bro i got to go im getting sleepy already take care bro nite....
  2. koo koo glad to have seen you a jims that day... hope things are getting better for you bro and hope you have a major blast today at that concert today as for me im gonna play armored core pray for answer .... ^^ ... well bro take care till next time laterz....
  3. well that is true but still im good bro well in anycase lets bother just keep are heads up high and taking things as we get them well bro hope ur having a better summer then me take care bro and have a great weekend k laterz....
  4. well i think it will if you want something then you have to give it ur all cuz you cant excpet things to just be given to you with out something in return... well bro the best of luck to what u have ur sights on... well bro i got to run but you take care and stay out of trouble alright.... laterz...
  5. it doesnt look like i need any more works... sorry about that bro and sorry on the late reply ive been getting home late and going to stephones so i never had the free time to get on... well bro i hope things are working out for you tho... tke care bro i have to finish here and go to work laterz...
  6. well that blows i thought u were going with ur uncle in florda..? changed your mind in the end didnt you.... oh well it cant be helped all ur friends are here and going some where were you dont know anyone really bits but kno you see why i wantd you to go with ur uncle... well bro if anything can you lift 50 pound onion sacks cuz if you can and can do that i might be able to get you in with me and andrew at the shed if you want to work there its up to you but i have to make sure i can hire another worker well bro i got to go ill see you around k take care and have a great weekend... lsterz...
  7. Hey There ! I got a group gonig up , want to join ?! It is a group for a game called "League Of Legends" aka LoL ! Im trying to get new players to join the battle with me , Gonan make a clan and mush more .

    League of Legends - Play For Free

    P.S Add Me As Friend And Join My Group To Make It Bigger !
  8. what !! what!!! what!!! what!!!! why!!! i thought u were going with your uncle.... changed ur mind didnt you? its kool just dont mess up or u might regret it... oh well the best of luck to you bro im behind you every step of the way... so where are you working at?
  9. hey you loing time no see... just thought id drop in and say hi? so how have you been bro? anything new with you? oh yea congrats on finally graduating so what are ur plans for the summer bro? well take care bro and see you around laterz
  10. plz b my frnd btw i really luv sora lol...... -^^-
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Alone and wish i had someone to love :'( that likes the stuff i like
in the dark abyss of lonelyness
Yu-Gi-Oh, pokemon, all Final Fantasies and some other random stuff
Searching for love in a dark place
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Reboot, sailor moon, DBZ, bleach, naruto, and many more but top two are reboot and sailor moon


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