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  1. u know freaks life is ard enoug without help but thanx but dnt bother
  2. dude i was in welding this period and there are no computers there hahahahahah i hate it
  3. man im bored so im telling you that im here bored and no one cares on here hahahahh I love Metal Injection hahahah Rock On man
  4. i am better than you i have more posts and more pionts
  5. hahahha that might be boring lol
  6. just messin wit my page that i made and chatin wit u
  7. sup man what u dong?
  8. hahahhahahahahahhahah
    hey what u doing?
  9. wanna bet i at home for i can see ur message now!!!!!!!!!
  10. no more for you because i got internet at home and you don't
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