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  1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? i say this is the last message
  2. last message?.... why... you're going way?.... did the pirate got you?.... is the end of the world already?........ does the cow milk killing childrens?
  3. Well thx yeah it really my falut oh wel that the past see ya this may be the last message u may see me ah...
  4. well ok.. is your dam
    see ya dude .
  5. Where is space but it my fault anyway it alway my fault i dont mind at all see u in the dark voild
  6. Sry my bad just making new friend sry dude just playing around i stop
  7. who are you?..... why did you leave me a friend message... when I didn't leave you shit!.. I don't know you.. and I think I have not tall to you.... so why leave a message to someone you don't know.....
  8. i fine so how r u hope it better then my bad lucks ahhahahahaha
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