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  1. awwwwww you
    well good luck with fane and all that shit......jijijijijiji...<----- yes am being bad.....
  2. ...........-_- its not even worth it anymore -_- i suck an di always will -_- i cant even do a friken jazz bass line right anymore-_-
  3. oh that's too bad... you need to get recognize.... get the word out ... if ya know what i mean...well if you send me some.. i would gladly accept
  4. Sadly-_- no i dont i am gonna upload them eventually lol ah well live is always better lol i see if i can get some online or ill just send you one
  5. hajhajhajhaj now I know you work for
    so do you have any song on the net?..... you know youtube... rebernation... or favtapes?
  6. lol i wont lol that is the best part lol and most off the cash goes to equipment so i am low on cash most of the time-_- lol but i play for the musiclol sounds gay huh?
  7. hajhajhaj jazz, and that
    so you make money... or is juts a hobby?...
    wow if you flash... don't forget the pics.......jijiji
  8. yeah its in my biography thats what the tottaly to cool for a jazz band bass is for lol and maybe ill flash people idk depends on my mood lol
  9. yahoooooooo!.... spring brake!
    will you flash people?......... anyway...... have fun wherever you go!
    a gig?.... don't tell me you have a band?
  10. wait huh i am never on onthe week ends and i forgot to tell you this is my last week online for two weeks i am going on spring breack and just about every day i have a gig so i wont be on much
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