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  1. lol i have more than one email so i you really are a stalker i am ok because i can shut that one down pretty easily
  2. you're trusting me your email.... that's personal!..... I could be a stalker for all you know...... but am
    yes is all a lie.....
  3. well I do have myspace too.. and i do have real pics of myself there... but how would know if that really me?...... but it is me.... ok I believe you... that's you!
  4. um i have more pics and i have a myspace and a lot of others too but if you are that suspious idk i have a lot of pics tho and they are all dated differently so try proving that one lol jk it is me tho
  5. I can see there's a chick pic.... but how do I know for sure?
  6. lol i love friends and i looked at your profile and i like it so yeah a real friend and i am a girl i have a pic on
  7. a have accepted... question.... are you looking for a new friend or just a toll to add at your friends list?...... am a man by the way....
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