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  1. infect you?..... hajhajhajhajha... well am a hacker apprentice .....jijijjijijijijij
  2. don't worry about it, dude, i f**king haate hackers. just dont infect me. =]
  3. sorry for that.... am getting on and of from the net..... dam hackers.....jijijijiji
  4. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. XD
  5. I Did Watch The Watchmen..... They Like To Be Naked!
  6. hi! with a rainbow over
    that word sound so
    what up
    yes I wrote dudes... with an S at the end......jijijijijijijijiji and 4 LOL.....
  7. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  8. you have to post 500 to be an elite?.... so what can you do as a elite?
  9. now,now kinky and weird isnt always a bad thing. (unless she has a disease).
    ha! im an elite member now!
  10. hajhajhajhajhajhaj.... if it is clean?.... what the heck.... the hell I know my blood is clean..... what have you been doing?
    I want blood... I went out with this girl, and she loves to be bitten and pinch with pointy and sharp things, and she made me taste her blood....... kinky and
    I KNow I change the subject....jijijijij
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