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  1. lol, i know. there are people who are willing to donate an organ. thats not me, theyre mine dammit! but i'll donate blood if i can. thats different. I just got to make sure its when my bloods clean.=D
  2. hajhajhajahja
    am myself... who said i want pars of myself alive when am dead.......that's a nightmare...
    but I know there are a lot of people that need a organ, but is not my problem..... is eve
  3. ha! i know how you feel. i have this feeling if i sign for people to take your organs its like telling god youre ready to die and you die somehow. im weird like that.
  4. hajhajhaja... I want to die with all my organs...... i don't care if people needs them, they are mine.... I will go to hell for
  5. i know, i hate funerals. I want to be cremated and my ashes spread somewhere. not decomposing in a box with everyone crying around me.i want people to be happy that im in heaven(or hell).
  6. yes do what you think is good.... were does it say, that funerals has to be depressing?...
    when I die I want a party in my name,
  7. yeah i do. it really sucks. i'm going to dress in white at his funeral. I want to think of his spirit as free and going to heaven, not depressed, black and buried.
  8. ohhhhh... that's bad dude.... you once toll me you grand pa love you very much....... so sad my grand pa is dead too..... he die one day before 911...... cherish his memories !
  9. My grandpa just died the before Easter. super depressed...maybe i'll go drink myself to death.
  10. miserable? how come..... hey aren't you suppose to be miserable?..... you're
    twilight sucks ass.......jijjijijiiijij

    well my life been good, for now.....
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