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  1. ahjhajhajhajahj yes that what i want..... nah never mind this
  2. what???????......................ima confuzziled!
  3. sup.... and good bye....
    I was use... and then I was toss......
  4. yeah i know but well see what he wants to do im never gonna make him do anything he dont wanna do im not gonna push it but im pretty sure he can get somthing tbh he was the best bricky in his class and they were gonna kick him out cos no one will give him work experience....
  5. that sounds weird, because that's no reason to kick someone out of college.....
    but why don't you tell him to go back to school, is hard to find a job out there without a title or a degree.......
  6. no ur right i am though...i feel soo bad i was just having a bad day and i needed him and he was textin me and stuff and his teacher in collage must have cought him....but hes not studying anymore i dont think....
  7. hajhajhajah what!.... you did that... wow you're trouble....JK
    so what's did he do?
    he's not studying ?
  8. yeah we really do i know he really loves me it was my fulit he got kicked out of collage and he still loves me so im very lucky
  9. yes I know what you
    so you two hope that the time comes faster, so you could be together.... love is a funny thing>
  10. yeah sure why not .... not like u knew anyways and yeah i have been with him almost a year...a year in may ^^ i love him and thats all matters the same as u love ur gf exsept ours bes more complacated and u can hug and kiss ur gf when u want to but when i wanna do that with my bf or just need a hug i cant but atlest i know he wants to if u know what i mean
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