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  1. lol yesi have been on there for like 6 or seven years xDD
  2. ohh that site is like a RPG game?... you like those type of games?
  3. it is my gaia avitar
  4. what did you said?.....(lol xD thx its my gaia avi)... engrish
  5. lol xD thx its my gaia avi .
  6. bye.... ha!.... cute little profile
  7. isk um k bye i thnk .
  8. well good for you if you have real pics of you on your myspace, and facebook.... why do you have a facebook?... anyway.... the movie was good, bad blood, but good acting....
    I have to go... am chatting with a friend on myspace......jijiji
  9. i stop when the movie is over b4 the credits xD .
  10. mk thats not why i dnt post mine i jsut dnt care..all my pix is on myspace and face book xD i dnt have new ones and idk why im telling u that k
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