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  1. you know what I hate on the movie... when the movie stars, they show the whole movie on the credicts .... it bug me.....
  2. lol well it just looks like water xDD with red die and thats what it is really XD
  3. am not asking... am just saying what people do on the
    you don't have to....
  4. well i did but they changed the profiles around and i really dnt care what ppl think about me if u really want to see one then ill post it i dnt care jsut ask xDD
  5. yes the blood looks like chocolate or candy...... I hate
  6. well call me that if you want , I don't mind..... well usually people of the net, come to be online to scape reality, so in order to feel protected, they hide them self in anime characters, and fake nick name, nd they never post a real pic of them self, maybe because they are fat, or maybe because the are ugly..... or have a serious acne ploblem, I don't know... but one thing I am for sure, they fear that others people seen them for what they are, or look like...... me I don't hide or fear anyone.... in a way am free!......jijijij
  7. i watch it to mush xDD but i haate that the blood even lookes kinda makes me mad not really but k xDD
  8. yes I know I saw the 2
    why they didn't make a different ending.... well anyway the movie was good... I enjoy it.....
  9. lol so i can still call u fluffy and why dnt i?? sence u no why i dnt have on up?
  10. well I don't see any bit of fat on my body to be call fluffy...... but ok... thanks .... one thing..... why don't U have a real pic of yourself?..... I know the answer....hajhajhajhaja
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