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  1. lol well they had a kid and also bk they had to make meat pies and bk he was waitingfor the judge to come in again to kill him to get his revenge xDD
  2. yes he is....... but he deserve to die.... he kill too many people , just because of a woman?...... come on.. get another
  4. lol but he is a gd singer xDD and i love that ppl die xDD
  5. fluffy? ... me?............. .
  6. well good bye.. for now..... that movie would have been good, without the
  7. i tis gd u fluffy ^^ xD .
  8. but let me talk to u later cuz me and my friend are gonna go watch sweeny todd(my all time fave movie xD)
  9. yes a saying of last night wen I was going to
    hey hello for today.... how ya doing?
  10. i know its a saying x.x .
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