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  1. what kind of group do you guys have?
    I might be interested!
  2. hi radeclew, how are you? could you please join my group, The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan?
  3. well yea lest do that... if we can see each other here
    bye dude
  4. hmmm...interesting. i have to get off for now, i will talk to you sometime in the mere future.
  5. ohhhh I was watching the naruto aniem.. and then i was you scrolling the sigs.. there's one that i want, but I don't know if the owner want to give it to me..... lots of fan art here.
  6. i have no clue, i haven't been on enough times to get enough info.
  7. mine too... i don't ask for help... I can do it
    so what do people do in a forum like this one?
    what do they do for fun?
  8. not a lot of people said anything, but, they were friendly when i did ask for help.
  9. so you're new here too?..... how was it for you?
    mine welcome was a bit lagging !
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