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  1. yes kinda if your on or if i gots a message back...
  2. By the way, radude: kudos for writing that much. I think that's new record.
    It's okay. It really is kinda interesting. Especially if it's that late and I'm bored and tired and sick. xD
    Doesn't it work in the other direction as well? Like woman change into men? That would be even more unusual I guess ...

    Well, that's stupid. If it was that expensive, I might not try it out. I don't want to waste that much money on something which doesn't even make me high, late alone tastes good. :P

    Guess you're right. Better not ask him that. Though it would be fun having the FBI knocking on your door ...

    Yeah, I'll do something about it, I swear, I'll toughen myself up! I need a work-out!
  3. I just ask because you brought up that topic again ... :P Are shemales necessarily gay? Or hetero? How do you refer to them anyway? You can't say whether they are hetero or gay, since they are kinda both. xD Which means they are hetero and gay at once. Gah, too much thinking too late at night with too much a headache and a cold ...

    Ah, on the net, alright. Maybe I should take a look too. I'd really like to know how it taste. And yeah, thanks for the reminder, but I already drink very diligentely. Not very often, just when going out with some friends. Never really too much. Hangover suck.
    Getting raped suck too. Soo I try to not drink to much that those things won't happen to me.

    Ah, that's great. Having two brains sure has some advantages. Does this mean you're double intelligent? Must have been easy at school then ...
    Dunno if Obama had. You gotta ask him I guess. Just write him a letter.
  4. Now that's some good suggestion you have there. I haven't seen something like this either, on a side not and am not particularly interested either.
    So yeah on to change the subject ... !

    Bitter. 'kay. Yeah, I already figured that you get drunk if you drink too much of it. In the end, beer is still beer.
    And true, not such a big difference.
    I never heard of that before and now you made me interested ... where did you get to try that?

    Alright. Well you have to try them somewhen. So your pines will stop wondering and therefore stop talking. Must be strange to have talking pines. I wonder ...
  5. Hahaha ... You WISH! XD Well, you're really lucky that you added the JK-part. I wouldn't want you to be raped by cosplaying shemales. I couldn't arrange this with my conscience. And maybe they would rape me too, since I brought you to talk about this ...

    Oi! Beer made out of weed. Never heard of this before. You don't get high outta this, do you? I can't imagine that this'd taste.

    You never tried europeans before?
  6. You and your perverse fantasies! Yuck.
    And YEAH, let's hope they're girls. Orrrrrrrrrrr they are men who are cosplaying and pretend to be girls.

    Yeahyeah, you totally have to visit Amsterdam dude. And ... taste some women there. I bet they taste like weed.
    Brownie shops ... xD
  7. It's okay dude. I'm not into cosplay either. But if you did not write that JK-part, other people here would kill you quite possibly.

    Yeah, and if you move to Amsterdam, I'll give you a little tip: you have to take a visit to the red-light districts there. I heard they're great.
    And of course to those coffee shops where you're allowed to smoke weed.
  8. So I take it you ain't into cosplay then? xD

    xD Well, you better not. As long as they don't get you, you make lotsa money but if they do ... it'd suck. >_<
  9. Yeah. But I mean, there are some cool old people too! Not here in austria though. Old people here are all wrinkly and stuff ... Not a bit charismatic. Seriously, how can someone care about politicians like that?

    You're reffering to me? xD I think I'm still rather moderate. But yeah, it's 100 post and being 30 days here. But since I knew you already are longer than 30 days here, you'd just have to post a little more to get your own avatar. I'm interested in what your avatar would be ... :P Take your time, don't rush things. Another 3 months, and you got your 100 posts.
    That's a good idea. I heard you can buy things you need to harvest weed in Netherlands. Since I live in Europe, I can do this for you. Just tell me what you want and when.
  10. At least you have Obama. We just have some lousy old politician who no one is interested in. -__-
    But yeah, I'm still lucky. I don't have to care about having a job or stuff. :P Not for long, but I have a little more time.

    Thing is, you are a normal member at the moment. This means, you cannot use or upload an avatar of your own. You'd have to write 100 post to be upgraded to the status of a Com. member. Then you may upload your own avatar.
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