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  1. cosplay is for losers, low life, who don't know where reality is......jijijjijii AM JK OK!....

    hey so I move to asterdam... or something call like that... the capital of weed......jijiijij
  2. So I take it you ain't into cosplay then? xD

    xD Well, you better not. As long as they don't get you, you make lotsa money but if they do ... it'd suck. >_<
  3. nah old people rule.....<------ I had to say that so they don't take me
    hummmmm ?.. what kind of avatar would I use... I was thinking of using my face... you know, I don't want to use some anime character and go saying that's me.... I tthink that's lame people thinking they are some dumb

    Dude don't temp me.... i could totally go over there to harvest weed..........jijii
  4. Yeah. But I mean, there are some cool old people too! Not here in austria though. Old people here are all wrinkly and stuff ... Not a bit charismatic. Seriously, how can someone care about politicians like that?

    You're reffering to me? xD I think I'm still rather moderate. But yeah, it's 100 post and being 30 days here. But since I knew you already are longer than 30 days here, you'd just have to post a little more to get your own avatar. I'm interested in what your avatar would be ... :P Take your time, don't rush things. Another 3 months, and you got your 100 posts.
    That's a good idea. I heard you can buy things you need to harvest weed in Netherlands. Since I live in Europe, I can do this for you. Just tell me what you want and when.
  5. hjahajha old people like to rule over the young people..... death to old people.. in 47 or 60 years from

    wow man that sucks a 100 post... I been here for like 3 months and I only have like 40 post...... am not gonna be writing like crazy... like some people I know.......jijijijijiij
    hummmm.... I need more money.... am really thinking on selling weed....
  6. At least you have Obama. We just have some lousy old politician who no one is interested in. -__-
    But yeah, I'm still lucky. I don't have to care about having a job or stuff. :P Not for long, but I have a little more time.

    Thing is, you are a normal member at the moment. This means, you cannot use or upload an avatar of your own. You'd have to write 100 post to be upgraded to the status of a Com. member. Then you may upload your own avatar.
  7. yes we are seeing a low rate in work over here in america..... but the place that feel the kick the most is New York... oh man everything is expensive and no words on rising teh salary.... my friend.. we are F uck over here in new
    yes politics.... what a kick in the

    hey due am having trouble uploading an avatar... i had to use that one the face skull .....
  8. Hehe, at least you speak honestly to me. xD But nah, I actually eat enough the whole day long. I ought to try and eat a bit less. Or more healthy stuff.
    Jah, especially now, because of the financial crisis. They all need their money themselves, they can't pay much.

    Thanks radude! That's exactly why I like it. <:
  9. you're sick because you're weak.... you have to eat to get
    hey gov.. jobs sucks..... they don't pay that well......

    good avatar face... is unusual.... and
  10. I just meant that more money would be better. Because, more money IS better. Anyway, we should be happy with what we have.
    I am talking shit hu? That's because I have fever. xD Yeah, you're right, I'm sick again.
    Dunno why that is. I just know that it totally sucks, since I've holidays starting tomorrow.

    <: I like that monkey face. It's one of my favourite avatars actually. But yeah, it's a pretty unusual avatar.
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