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  1. Hehe, I can't stop either! And I HATE you for that! Ya know what that means?! My headache disappears, which totally means I havta go to school. You radescrew you!

    Yah, well I guess some change ain't bad from time to time. But generally, I try to keep with one at a time. :P
  2. hajhajhajhajhajhajhajhajhajahjhaja oh man I can't stop
    to bad the sickness don't work dude..... so let me see when you get sick you have to go anyway......hajhjahjahjaha dude control

    errrrr I do what every man do with their bags..... but more often , and with different ones..... what I like to use new ones....... we all do.....
  3. EXACTLY that kind of sickness. The cool thing about that sickness is, that is always comes when you need it. Although it's not bad enough from time to time, which means I still have to go to school ...
    A pet ... hehe ... that totally depends on WHO holds and treats me, if you know what I'm talking 'bout. <:
    Godammit, radude. Please spare me your sexual practices! Toss it to the side, hell! Whaddaya do with your girls?!
  4. hajhajhajhajhaj hey is the sickness that comes when you don't want to do
    to look and care for....... dude are you planning on becoming a pet.......jijijijijijijij

    we men trick women like bags..... yes where we can put our things inside........ and toss it to the
  5. Yeah, it's not like I ain't strong or something. It's just that I feel bad kinda often. Especially if I have things to do in school. Y'know, out of a sudden I feel bad and am all unable to go to school. I bet you know that feeling, dontcha? :PP
    Annnd, some women do like not so strong men. So that they have something to look and care for. =)
  6. what the f.uck dude..... you're always sick.... you better check yourself out.....well not yourself but a

    women like strong man dude.... get strong.......
  7. Yeah dude. You say that all the time. But that's just alright! :P
    Anyway. I feel like sh it. Cough, headache, all that nice stuff. Have LOADS of things to do, and no time at all. So yeah, like always?
    And whazza with you?
  8. hummm hey crazy panda what upppppp.... yes I know I have say what uppppp
  9. Dang, bro. You're old! :P
    Ah, so we have a die hard Sony fan here.
    Yup, I mentioned KotoR. I love that game. The first as well as the second. Although I liked the first one much more. The story really was awesome in that game.
    Other star wars games ... Not many good actually. Rogue Squadron was nice, and Battlefront was funny as well!
    You hate Mario now? I still like most of the games ... Galaxy sucks, but older Mario games are great in my opinion.
    And well, if you search for violence on Wii, you definitely can find some. The House of the Dead, or MadWorld. There really are some great games to find there as well.

    I completed Mass Effects. Played it at a friend's place. Not my favourite Bioshock game. Dunno why. But long games are great, yes. That's why I liked Oblivion that much, with all it's addons ...
  10. in 1992 I was
    so yes I played all the consoles of the time, nintendo, supernes, all the segas console, and then 1996/97.. sony came by with the play station.. I fell in love with that console...
    I was so happy when the sega saturn

    well dude did you mention that you love KOTOR?... because am a fan os star wars games....
    but I hate mario now, is for kids, and sony is offering me something the wii can't.... violence and free internet

    let see am playing fable2, and mass effect, I love long games... RPG stile.....
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